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Tommy x Kizzy


Robinwood Rainmaker At Siobahn (LUA)


CH Keenen's Moonlight Serenade (L)

Whelp Date: June 11 & 12, 2012.

In the 1970s Robert Schaible, PhD, made a courageous, and controversial, move when he bred an English Pointer to a Dalmatian. The results of this breeding are known today as "LUA", or Low Uric Acid Dalmatians. High Uric Acid has been the cause of severe, and sometimes fatal, urinary tract problems that have been inherent in the Dalmatian breed. The puppies from that first breeding were bred back to Dalmatians and their get today - many generations later - are the only Dalmatians that do not carry the gene for High Uric Acid. While we at Keenen Dalmatians have not experienced the severe affects of High Uric Acid in our bloodlines, we are always seeking ways to further improve the health of this beloved breed. "Tommy" is an LUA dog. We are very excited about the prospects of this litter and look forward to the time when all Dalmatians have normal uric acid levels and the recurring issues with urinary tract problems are gone forever. To learn more about the LUA project, click on the following links:

"A Dalmatian Study", by Robert Schaible, PhD;   "The Backcross Project", by Joanne Nash;   Stocklore Dalmatians;
Dalmatian Club of America

Tommy x Kizzy Puppies' Pedigree

Robinwood Rainmaker At Siobahn
Robinwood Ripley
RodeoStar Albelarm o Robinwood
Robinwood Snow Prince
Alfredrich Handsome Tall N Dark
Robinwood Miss Chief V Damar
Gemstone Ruby of Robinwood
Robinwood Thief of Hearts
Moore's Dzttep Ruby of Robesdale
Robinwood Snow Angel
Robinwood Snow Prince
Alfredrich Handsome Tall N Dark
Robinwood Miss Chief V Damar
Robinwood Bon Temp Spirit
Robinwood Christmas Spirit
Crosstiches Madeline
CH Robinwood Penny Ante
GRCH Stocklore Top Spot
CH Stocklore Amber Sun
Matchless Image of Folklore
Bonderman's Selena
CH Stocklore Budgette Buster
CH Stocklore Squire of Brittania
Stocklore Status Quo
CH Robinwood Hannah Do Right
Robinwood BraveHeart
Robinwood Indian Paint
Robinwood Heart to Heart
Robinwood Sweet Chariot
Robinwood Indian Paint
Robinwood Whispering Heights
CH Keenen's Moonlight Serenade (L)
CH Erin Keenen Strike Up The Band
CH Erins Poetic License
CH Erins Poetic Justice
CH Tuckaway Olympic
Erin N' Acorn Wildwood Sophia
CH Tioga Blue J'ns Of Dalmatia
CH Erin's Wildwood Luke Macgyver
Tioga Design'r Jn's Of Dalmatia
CH Erin's Cinnaburst (L)
CH Erin N Shamrock's Lord O'the Dance
CH Erin 'n' Dynasty's Mighty Quinn
CH Erin's Lacey Jersey Girl
CH Erin 'n' Acorn Cuddledot Splash
CH Erin's Wildwood Rocky Road (L)
CH Erin's Katie Sparkle Plenty
Keenens Grace Land
Ch Amera's Intuition
CH Satin's Clown'n Around CDX
Am/Can CH Avalon Taylormade by Paisley (L)
CH Jazzy's Black Satin Dancer
Am/Can CH TCJ Picture Perfect
Am/Can CH Prince Harts
Am/Can CH TCJ's Bullet Proof
Keenen Adirondack Half Moon
CH Amera's Blood Sweat N Tears
CH Fireman's Freckled Friend
Am/Can CH Alfredrich Opening Act
Keenen-N-Dinas Soes Bandit
CH Amera's Duran Duran
Fanfayre's Sparkling Penny