Keenen Dalmatians
Keenen Dalmatians Spotlight

For all my Dalmatians, Boxers, and Labradors

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Dalmatians are a breed of dog that God created to be very special. They are the world's best kept secret and most would agree that once you own one (they own You) you will never have another breed of dog. Every Dalmatian I have ever owned has taken a piece of my heart with them when they leave this world, leaving my heart just a little more empty when they go. I will never get used to the heartache of losing one of my beloved family members.

I can only hope there is a special place where we will see each other again.

As the lines grow deeper on my face, material things become less important and relationships and friendships become more important. I value every moment I spend with my dogs and family and thank the good Lord for blessing me with all the wonderful Dalmatians, Boxers, and Labradors that have graced my life. I would not change one thing ...AT ALL!!

Please enjoy our wonderful Dalmatians, Boxers and Labradors. - Margaret Keenen-Friedrich