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Keenen Dalmatians was established in the 1990's with our foundation bitch, Fanfayres Sparkling Penny, aka "Penny" or "Poo Bear". Penny began the tradition of breeding for type, temperament, health, and soundness that have trademarked our breeding program ever since.

Through the years, we've had some favorites. Two of them, BISS CH Amera's Blood Sweat & Tears, "Willie" and BISS CH Erin Keenen Strike Up The Band, "Striker" have made a noticeable impact, not only in our hearts, but in the breed.

Of course, while we strive for perfection, we've also had a lot of fun with our Dalmatians along the way. Please enjoy these special moments along with us!

Penny on our Goldwing

Penny on our Goldwing

Lil Bridesmaid

CH Keenens Diamond LiL, "Lil",
was a bridesmaid at our wedding!

Lady Val

"Lady Val"
"Lady Val" was our sweet deaf Dal.

Jenny by tree

Keenens Hearts A Fire, "Jennifer"

Jennifer and cat

Jenny and Esaw, the cat


There's gotta be spots somewhere with all this white!

Just Chillin

Jus chillin

All the Toys

"We weren't doing nuttin...honest!"

Make me look fat

"Does this jacket make me look fat?"

I'm so Pretty

"I'm So Pretty!"

check the oil

"Did you check the oil? Gas? Are you going to give us a ride?"

Make me look fat

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Little Indians

One Little, Two Little, Three Little Indians...

Hey Waiter

"Hey Waiter! Where's our drinks?"

Little Indians

"Why don't you have any spots?"


"I'm huggably cute!"


"If I wear the hat, can I ride on the big red truck?"

Nurse Hazy

Nurse Hazy catching a few winks after a long night with her patient

Penny & Meg at the Match

Penny and Meg at the Match.

We hope you have enjoyed a few of our favorite candid shots. Check back often - with all these Dals around, there's bound to be more!